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Christmas Caroling for Youngstown area

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Oakland's Kids First Carolers

The Oakland' Kids First Theater program has had a rough year, like so many others, but we want to get back on course, raise some money, and let the youth of our program bring you "Yuletide Caroling" to you and your family! We realize that so many families have had to separate in order to remain safe in our community.

Our talented kids are SO READY to give back and will put you in the spirit of Christmas and Holidays.

We are currently booking times on December 15, 16, and 17 Tues., Wed., and Thurs. evenings to bring Christmas Carol to you and your family outside of your home! We can also come and sing at area Nursing Homes, who have especially had a hard time quarantining their loved ones.

What a wonderful way to get into the spirit, raise people's hearts while supporting a worthy organization that has lost a major income due to COVID-19. This is our first effort to raise awareness of our plight to continue existing in the community.

Our kids want to save our program! Let the ensemble of kids come to your home, remain outside in a safe socially distant manner to provide you with some wonderful Christmas entertainment.

Because of Covid-19, all donations are 100% tax-deductible! As per the State of Ohio.

Please Call 330-406-0606 for more information and time slots.

Spots are limited and will fill up fast!  Please call today and bring some cheer back to the Holidays!

Does your kid mope around?

Do you feel...

unmotivated, unimpressed, bored?

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