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Oakland’s Kids First Theatre Initiative

Marking our third year anniversary “Kids First” is the area’s fastest growing, EDUCATIONALLY based, theater program in Northeast Ohio. We began with a modest $5000 grant from Ronald McDonald House Charities. Administration and talent has been made up of mostly volunteers so far, but our hope is to be able to provide our administration and directors a proper wage.Kids First Theater Initiative Programs in Youngstow & /Boardman, Ohio. The theater is located in a beautiful facility in Boardman Ohio. Starting with only 16 Students, we are now averaging 50-75 per show.

We have produced full Broadway productions, Aladdin Jr., Youngstown Singing Star Jr., Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, ,Annie Jr., and The Wizard of Oz to name a few. We offer a 3 week intensive summer theatrical camp which also feed the kids lunch each day, We will average 7 shows per season.  We will be offering other life skills programs.  More information to follow.


Youngstown, Ohio children benefit most from our programs!
Youngstown, Ohio benefit the most from our programs!
Youngstown, Ohio benefit the most from our programs!

The Acorn Project

The little acorns  of Youngstown.


The Acorn Project is a program specifically designed towards High School students.  They have created their own Youth Board, and are led by our Artistic Director.

For each show they will choose from within their ranks an Assistant Director, Set Designer and builders, costumes, lighting, sound design, fundraising, publicity, all overseen by an adult, and are tested at the end of each production to see what they have learned.

There is not another program quite like this in the state of Ohio, where the kids who take on a position receive not only the education but receive a stipend for their work.  Beginning in June 2019 we will give away our first scholarship to a graduating senior that is involved in our program.

Magic Carpet Theater

magic alladin in Youngstown, Ohio on his Carpet


genie bottle Alladin Jr. 2017

 This is the area’s only professional youth theater that for over 16 years has hired three professional local or regional actors to take productions into schools and libraries in NE Ohio and W Pennsylvania.

We try to use Ohio based writers so that the royalties benefit local and regional talent. This season we will use the works of Patricia Moran Fagan, from Youngstown and Kathryn Schultz Miller, from Columbus, both have huge libraries of interactive youth shows.

For some schools, this is the only artistic outlet the kids get during the school year. Generally we offer two shows: one geared to k-3 and the other from 4-8 grades.

Do you have an interest in having our Magic Carpet land in your school or library?  Feel free to contact us to book our production for the kids in your area.

Booking for February, March, April, May 2019
Our professional Touring Company is on the road again! Founded in 2002 bringing quality literature, in a fun interactive way. Hey PTO’s, Administrators, and Teachers Here’s the most affordable way to bring quality entertainment right to your doorstep!



Did you know


 - Students involved in drama performance coursework or experience outscored non-arts students on SAT's, by an average of 65 points in the verbal component and 34 points in the math component.
- Drama activities improve reading comprehension, and both verbal and non-verbal communication skills.

- Drama helps to improve school attendance and reduce high school dropout rates.

- A Harris Poll revealed that 93% of the public believes that arts, including theater, are vital to a well-rounded education.

- Drama can improve skills and academic performance in children and youth with learning disabilities.
kids first shrek dress rehearsal320

More Programs for Seniors and Kids

Gray Matters Theatre

A Daytime Adult Theatre Troop!

gray matters logo150You are Excellence!

City Film School

Learn something New?City Film School - Teaching kids all about filmaking and storytellling in Youngstown Read more!

Be a Storyteller!

Plays are an ancient form of storytelling. It is a creative ritual still very much alive despite the age of Youtube. Come tell your story through a character you portray.

Share your Skills

Community theaters need more than just cast members. Anyone that can sew a costume, paint a backdrop, build a staircase, or edit a sound effect is a desirable addition to the company.

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