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We have safe and secure parking for cars, vans, and buses!
Our space is 100% handicapped accessible.
 KIDS under 4 are ALWAYS FREE!

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We are following the State of Ohio and CDC Guidelines during this time of uncertainty and are POSTPONING ALL EVENTS until a green light has been given by the Health authorities.
We want you to do what’s best for yourself and your family. At some point down the road, we will ask you to do another physical in-person audition for the next production. We are still planning on having some great productions in 2020!
If you have any issues and concerns You can call us 330-406-0606 and leave a message or email us.
Best of luck to all other arts organizations that are in the mass event business this will seriously affect us all especially the very large ones in the very small ones like us. If so moved you can always make a donation Small nonprofits rely on those to move forward and you can find a place to do that on our website.
Wishing everyone the best!
Please consider the hard work that youth have put into creating productions and learning a new craft so they can achieve new heights in their lives.
The Oakland Center is bringing up the next generation of actors in the Mahoning Valley.


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