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A unique program geared to kids on all aspects of the spectrum. We look at what these kids can do not what they can’t do!
1. There are many social skills that theater continually develops, from the first acting game to closing night and a great performance allows these kids to make friends, keep Eye contact, Makes the ability to take turns in speech much easier. 
2. Finding the motivation to take life on an experience what it has to offer presents a constant struggle for many on the autism spectrum. Theatre gives structure, Support, leads to positive outcomes, and autistic kids get accepted, and applauded, for their uniqueness.
3. Theater allows individuals to learn about themselves, discovering how to be true to who they are and what makes them unique can lead to major self-assurance.
4. Learns ownership of one's actions, allows them to have fun trying new things in the structure of the state environment.
5.Theater presents a welcoming stage where what is unique about us is applauded and independent choice is encouraged with the added benefits of social skills self-worth quality of life our theater program offers a safe space.
6. A meal is provided during each class. 
__________________________From a parent__________________________________
Our son Nicholas has high functioning autism. He was very interested in the arts. He heard of auditions for the Wizard of Oz at Kids First Theater Initiative. He tried out and was cast. He absolutely loved it! Nicholas has been in many shows and has thrived. There have been many autistic kids involved in the plays. They are always included and are given equal opportunity for all parts of the play. Each of them has been able to express themselves through acting and singing. They have all risen to the occasion and gave great performances.
Kids First works very well with children on the autism spectrum. They take the time needed to make these children feel comfortable on stage and are always willing to go the extra mile to make sure they succeed. Many have had leading roles or multiple roles.
As parents, we have seen our son shine. He absolutely loves being on stage. He enjoys the spotlight! It makes my heart happy to see him interact with the audience. The joy he brings to not only the audience but to us as well is priceless!

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