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With much disappointment, the Board of Directors of the Oakland Center for the Arts is announcing that it will not produce the area premiere of Matilda the Musical in March. After discussions with Tori's Academy of Dance, some people on our advisory board, and some of our very dedicated parents

 we have decided to wait until next season to produce this long-awaited musical because Easy Street Productions has announced they will be producing it in May and it doesn't make sense for both of us to do it in the same season.

We will be instead of focusing on our area premier of Flat Stanley the Musical opening the end of the month, our spaghetti dinner to raise money for the Acorn Projects David El' Hatton College Scholarship, and our upcoming collaboration of Lion King with The Ballet Western Reserve. We will indeed be collaborating with Tori Trella on our upcoming production of Beauty and the Beast this summer, and when we produce Matilda next season.

Sorry to disappoint our dedicated young people, but we have waited a year and a half we can certainly wait till next season. We will be announcing two new major programs that the Oakland will be bringing to the community in the coming weeks:

{navy}City Film School{end} - the area's first film program for young audiences.

{glasses}Gray Matters{end}- a daytime theater program for older adults. Stay tuned.


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