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Bring the entire family for a great time for the holiday season.

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Ralphie is back! Back by popular demand!
December 13,14,15 & 20,21,22, 2019
Set in the 1940s....
A holiday story of a boy Ralphie, who only wishes of getting a Red Ryder BB Gun for Christmas. All he seems

to get is a pink bunny suit, a triple dog dare, and Flick's tongue stuck to a frozen pole. A funny production with songs to lift your spirits.

A Christmas Story is a great treat for the family for the holidays! They make wonderful gifts as well.

December 13,14,15 & 20,21,22, 2019

Fri-Sat: 7:30pm   Sun: 2:30pm
Adults: $15.00   Seniors $13.00   Students: $5.00   Children 4 and under: Free!
Tickets available at the door, online, or RSVP via phone. 330-406-0606

The cast of adults and youths will exceed your expectations.  Jake Pratt will be playing Ralphie again.  The glowing-leg-lamp will be ablaze with holiday cheer.

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