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Camp Showbiz 2019!  Great Summer camp for kids from 5 and up in Youngstown.
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The Oakland Center for the Arts is showcasing Camp Showbiz for its 4th year!

The best way to get your child involved in our program is to start with our summer program!
This year it runs from June 10-21, 2019  Mon-Thur 8:30-1:30. We give them a continental breakfast, and a homemade lunch. Cost for the two week camp is only $130.00 for 1st child, $100 for 2nd. and $75 for each additional child thereafter, which is the most affordable summer camp in the area. 
During our camp, we will have pack a lot of new materials and lessons.
Author and educator, Pat Fagan, who ran the children's theatre program for the over 30 years, will do two workshops, one week will focus on drama, and one week will focus on comedy.
Donna Downie, Brendan Byers, Reba Babyak, and Oakland staff will cover both the music of Beauty and the Beast and Frozen ( we will be presenting beauty and the Beast at the end of the summer, and Frozen in late fall early winter)
We will have an audition workshop and we will do a music video all packed into two weeks.
We also post on facebook on the Oakland Center for the Arts Page and Kids First Theatre Initiative page.

Through out the next year we will showcase 5 "audience participation shows" little comedy and drama productions, from another one of our youth programs, called the "Peanut Butter and Jelly Players" that focus on non musicals.
We will offer a "Summer Library Tour" and productions at the theater with Lunch and a show.
e will perform at the Summer Festival for the Arts in July.

We are still in the process of putting those dates together.
Please contact me if you need more info
or 330-406-0606

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