For RSVP's:

Please call us at 330-406-0606 and speak with an Oakland representative, or leave a message of the show of interest, the date for attending, # of under 4, students, or adult/seniors tickets you will be in need of.  Leave your full name and phone number, if leaving a message.

Shows under consideration for 2019/2020

Purchase KFTI tickets online, at the door, or RSVP.

We have new events and productions coming to you every season!

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Does your kid mope around?

Do you feel...

unmotivated, unimpressed, bored?

READ:  How to get Kids interested in Theater
And why.

I would like to participate!

I want to ACT!

- How can I begin acting?
- What can I expect?
- When can I begin?


Be a Storyteller!

Plays are an ancient form of storytelling. It is a creative ritual still very much alive despite the age of Youtube. Come tell your story through a character you portray.

Share your Skills

Community theaters need more than just cast members. Anyone that can sew a costume, paint a backdrop, build a staircase, or edit a sound effect is a desirable addition to the company.

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Monday - Friday
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